Reasons to consider a reorganisation

1 August 2020

The need to implement changes in the organisation can arise from various causes. It doesn't always stem from financial setbacks. Below you find the most common reasons to restructure the organisation. Any of those reasons can lead to changes in the personnel base. And even to dismissals.


Setbacks from outside the company

For instance:

  • A decline in the amount of work
  • Reduction in the number of orders
  • Reduction in turnover due to the Corona crisis
  • Less work as a result of the urgent advice from the government to admit fewer customers, or close earlier
  • Less demand for the service or product that your company offers

Restructuring of the company is necessary

Due to for instance:

  • The desire to make the organisation future-proof
  • Or to be able to respond more flexibly to changes in the market
  • To stay ahead of the competition
  • Because the way the company provides its products or services needs to be changed
  • Because management within the company can be more efficient
  • Or because there is less need for specific expertise
  • Due to new technological developments
  • Changed government policy or laws and regulations
  • The urgent advice from the government to work from home

The organisation closes entirely or partially

  • One of the locations or branches is no longer profitable
  • Departments are split up or, on the contrary, merged
  • A relocation
  • A merger with another company or an acquisition
  • As a result of the decision to close business
  • The owner's retirement

Is this the case in your organisation?

Or do you want to know whether it is possible to avoid a reorganisation, with or without dismissal of employees? Please feel free to contact me.

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